Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies welcomes external and internal transfer students.

Please peruse our Web site to learn which program is right for you.  In addition, view the following information for answers to common questions.

External Transfers

What is an external transfer?

External transfers are students who are enrolled at another college or university and wish to apply to Georgetown University.

How can I apply?

Please visit the transfer page of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to learn more about applying to transfer to Georgetown University. 

Whom should I contact at NHS for more information?

Contact Marianne Lyons, Associate Dean, at (202) 687-1561 or

Internal Transfers

What is an internal transfer?

Internal transfers are undergraduates who are currently enrolled at Georgetown University in Georgetown College, the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, or the McDonough School of Business.

How many students are accepted?

It depends on the number of spaces available. The number is different every semester.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

Admitted students typically have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Can first-year students apply?

Yes.  But only at the end of the academic year. Students must complete a full year at Georgetown before they can apply for internal transfer.

When are applications due?

By the last day of class in the fall and spring semesters

Do I have to take health science courses before I can apply?

No.  But your application will be more competitive if you have taken health science courses.

Is there a minimum grade should I receive in the recommended courses?

Yes.  Students should earn a “B+” or better in quantitative courses.

When will I be notified of my status?

Approximately one month after final grades are posted

How will I be notified?

Either by mail or email.

Whom should I contact at NHS for more information?

Contact Marianne Lyons, Associate Dean, at (202) 687-1561 or