Human Science Major Designs Winning Logo for Bulldog Tavern

OCTOBER 9, 2014 – A junior human science major at the School of Nursing & Health Studies designed the winning logo for Bulldog Tavern in the new Healey Family Student Center in New South residence hall.

Victoria Maung (NHS’16) was named the winner yesterday afternoon.

“For the past couple of weeks we hosted a live vote for the logo of the Bulldog Tavern, and we were blown away by the fact that over 1,900 students participated in the vote,” said Joelle Wiese, associate vice president of auxiliary services, in an email announcing the results.

A Fun Hobby

Bulldog Tavern

Maung says that designing graphics and digital art has been of hobby of hers since age 8.

“When I saw an opportunity to do something for the Georgetown community for which I actually have some degree of aptitude, I jumped at the e-mail announcing the contest,” she says. “Plus, working on the logo was a great study break for me.”

She is interested in photography and illustration and has taken a drawing class at Georgetown.  Additionally, Maung has had pieces published in The Anthem, an art and literary magazine on campus.

‘Very Supportive’

Patricia Cloonan, PhD, RN, the school’s interim dean, extended her congratulations to Maung.

“I am always deeply impressed by the way our students at NHS contribute to the greater whole of this campus community,” Cloonan says. “Victoria’s thoughtful participation in this contest is another meaningful example of this.”

The student from California says she enjoys being a member of the NHS community, which, she notes, “fosters such a warm spirit of community and academic prosperity.”

“Winning the logo contest is a manifestation of the sense of initiative with which Georgetown has empowered me,” Maung says. “I am glad to be able to represent the NHS and to be able to help demonstrate how multifaceted the talents of our students can be. My fellow students and faculty members have always been very supportive of my endeavors, and I cannot imagine what I'd be doing now without the encouragement I’ve been given in the past.”

By Bill Cessato