Overnight Session Immerses Students in Clinical Setting

JANUARY 15, 2014 - More than 20 first-year students in the master’s program in health systems administration at the School of Nursing & Health Studies participated in the second-annual “On Call for Medical Terminology” mini-course at Washington DC VA Medical Center on January 9-10.

The intensive, 14-hour overnight session provided the students with a didactic, hands-on experience that introduced them to medical terminology and concepts they will need to know in their future careers as health care leaders.

Overnight Call

Ryung Suh (M’98, G’98, MBA’03), MD, MPP, MBA, MPH, associate professor of health systems administration, led the students through the session, which took place as part of the students’ integrative case course.

He partnered with administrative staff at the medical center – including Raya Kheirbek, MD, John Jacocks, MD, MTM&H, and Samuel Jang, DO, MPH – who made it possible for this educational experience to occur.

“Our intent was to simulate the demands of an overnight call schedule in the midst of an intensive familiarization course on medical terminology,” Suh says. “It is critical for health administrators to be able to communicate effectively with their clinical colleagues, and our hope remains that the course will help them better understand the language of medicine and nursing.”

Diverse Topics

Suh covered topics including the anatomy and pathophysiology of various body systems, as well as common diagnostic and therapeutic terms.

Students were tested before and after the course.  Suh noted that results indicated a substantive improvement on the medical terminology competency examination.

“I have a very limited background in biology and didn't know anything about medical terminology prior to the course,” says Megan Cook (G’15).  “I found the overview of organ systems to be really fascinating. Those lessons, as well as learning how medical terminology is constructed, were the most beneficial for me.”

By Rebecca Warren