Senior Nursing Major Leads Georgetown’s NSNA Chapter

OCTOBER 28, 2015  – When nursing major RoseMarie Cafone (NHS’16) was a first-year student, she welcomed the opportunity to become involved in Georgetown’s chapter of the National Student Nurses’ Association.

“I eased into it as a freshman, moving up in position each year,” she says. “Little did I know that I would be the president in my senior year. I am honored and excited to be supporting the group members’ involvement.”

Cafone says a big part of her agenda involves increasing peer mentorship opportunities for nursing majors.

“I could not have made it through the nursing program without a support system, and I hope to provide others with that same support,” says the senior from New Jersey.

Strong Relationships

Cafone says that when she came to Georgetown after high school she feared that she would lose the tight-knit relationships with faculty members “who really knew me.”

But, she says, “I quickly learned that in the NHS, I would have a similar experience. I constantly feel supported by not only the students, but also the faculty I collaborate with.”

The aspiring registered nurse adds that through the rigors of Georgetown’s nursing curriculum she has forged very close relationships.

“I began to realize how lucky I truly am to be at such an amazing institution, surrounded by such amazing individuals,” she says. 

Involved Student

In addition to her service with the Student Nurses’ Association, Cafone has enjoyed the growth opportunities presented by Georgetown.

“I have learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable,” she says, noting her participation in an alternative break program helping rebuild homes in Brooklyn after Hurricane Sandy, as well as a Georgetown University Global Medical Brigades trip to Honduras.

“We may not have worked with clients for extensive periods of time in each of the weeklong trips, but they definitely left an impact on me, and I hope I was able to do the same for them,” Cafone adds.

Future Steps

As she heads through senior year, Cafone is planning next steps with the goal of a career as a registered nurse in New Jersey or New York.

“Entering into senior year, I was fearful to step into what felt like the beginning of the end,” she says. “I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work alongside so many incredible people.  I continue to be amazed and inspired by the individuals that I have met here and I can only hope for the same environment in my furture endeavors. As much as I know that Georgetown has more than well prepared me, I am not yet ready to part from the Hilltop.”

She says the nursing major has prepared her for the journey.

“In my nursing studies, I am always working on the art of listening,” she says. “It was not until my clinical courses that I began to notice that there is a marked difference between listening to someone and hearing what it is that people are saying. The Georgetown nursing program in particular has placed significant focus on the value of care of the whole person.”

By Bill Cessato

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