News Brief: Nursing Majors Studied Abroad in Ireland

FEBRUARY 22, 2018 – During the fall semester, junior nursing majors Lily Furcht (NHS’19) and Molly Hamilton (NHS’19) studied at University College Dublin.

“It was interesting to see how another health system functions and to identify [the] strengths and weaknesses in the U.S.’s health care system,” Furcht says.

“Our nurses allowed us a lot of hands-on experiences, and we got to practice being culturally competent nurses in a country with a population that varies from D.C.’s,” adds Hamilton. (Both are pictured above in Connemara.)

‘Great Time’

Both students say they enjoyed the class-based, clinical, and cultural experiences.

“We had smart professors and great clinical experiences in two different hospitals, and we loved the city,” says Furcht.

“We both had a really great time in Ireland and traveling around Europe,” Hamilton notes.

Georgetown Education

Hamilton says that choosing Georgetown for her nursing education “was an amazing decision,” adding, “we love our small, tight-knit classes, and close relationships with our professors.”

“Our professors,” Furcht says, “push us to always continue learning and to try new experiences, while also guiding us and encouraging us to be the best nurses we can be.”

For the future, Hamilton is thinking about pediatric or public health nursing with a goal of earning a graduate degree for a career as a nurse practitioner. Furcht, who is pre-med, sees herself working in intensive care or women’s health before pursuing an advanced degree.