Nursing Major Plans Career in Pediatrics

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 - Samuel Taylor-D’Ambrosio (NHS’16) chose to become a nursing major at Georgetown after interacting with several students in the BSN Program.

“The passion that I sought to pursue was that of meaningful human connection,” he says. “Over the course of my freshman year, I serendipitously got to know multiple nursing students. I felt connected to the energy and purpose of nursing.”

Seeking New Experiences

Stepping outside of his comfort zone and managing his time have become two central themes of Taylor-D’Ambrosio’s Georgetown experience. 

During his first year, Taylor-D’Ambrosio joined the Georgetown University Step Team (GUST). This decision led to his involvement in GUST over the next two years and a term as GUST’s treasurer.

Additionally, Taylor-D’Ambrosio also sought to deepen his experiences as a health care provider by taking an EMT-B class with the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS). As an EMT-B for GERMS, Taylor-D’Ambrosio has participated in monthly ambulatory shifts and has, at different times, served as the organization’s practical testing coordinator, historian, and class coordinator.

“Learning how to juggle late night step practices and riding GERMS shifts with exams and demanding classes has greatly benefited my academics,” he says. “I have much more refined time management skills than when I began college.”

Population Health

During summer 2014, he traveled to Clarksdale, Miss., as a summer intern for the Rogosin Institute’s Public Health Initiative.

As an intern, Taylor-D’Ambrosio worked on issues concerning the pediatric population, including childhood obesity, nutrition, and academic engagement, in two summer camps geared for children in third-eighth grades.

“This opportunity gave me the chance to work with children—a true passion of mine—and the chance to see the public health field from the ground up,” he says.

Pediatrics Career

As he begins his senior year, Taylor-D’Ambrosio is looking forward to tying together his bedside clinical experience with his continuing exploration of nursing within a public health context. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in pediatrics.

Taylor-D’Ambrosio emphasizes his experiences as part of the NHS community as a motivating factor in his passion for nursing.

“From my very first class meeting, I couldn’t stop smiling,” he says. “My professors were framing service and human connection in a way that I related to and responded to. My peers and I especially have learned that the field of nursing is multifaceted and that we should push ourselves to explore these possibilities without fear.”

By Celeste Chen (C’14, G’16)

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