Junior Plans for Nursing Career, Enjoys Time on Men’s Lacrosse Team

NOVEMBER 4, 2016 - Ryan Hursey (NHS’18) is pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing at the School of Nursing & Health Studies. Originally from Maryland, Hursey is also a midfielder on the men’s lacrosse team.

Hursey took some time to share his thoughts about what he has learned thus far in the program and how participation as a student-athlete has contributed to his education at Georgetown.

NHS: How are you enjoying the nursing major? How would you describe what you’ve learned?

RH: I am thoroughly enjoying the nursing major. The combination of complex courses with challenging clinical makes it very enjoyable. The school offers a unique opportunity to nursing students by exposing us to clinical so early in our careers. We are very fortunate to have a hospital right across the parking lot that offers so many opportunities to learn and grow as student nurses. While I’ve learned skills that are specific to the nursing major, Georgetown has offered me life skills and experience beyond nursing. One of the aspects of the school that I enjoy so much is the value of “cura personalis,” which is upheld by each and every course and professor. 

NHS: What activities are you involved in on campus? How do those contribute to your time at Georgetown?

RH: I am a member of the men’s lacrosse team at Georgetown. This balance of being a student-athlete and participating in a very rigorous and challenging nursing major is not always easy. I love being a student-athlete because it helps to teach me important life skills such as discipline and time management that I will utilize for my entire life. I also believe it is very unique, as there are only a handful of student-athletes in the NHS, and even less in the nursing major. This balance of lacrosse and nursing has certainly made my time at Georgetown more challenging. However, the professors and advisors in the NHS truly want to see everyone succeed and are always very willing to help any student with coursework and scheduling. 

NHS: What stands out to you about your education?

RH: Throughout my education in the School of Nursing & Health Studies, the sense of community and “family” is very clear. Across the numerous majors in the NHS - when everyone comes together in human science courses, labs, etc. - everyone wants one another to succeed and do well. This sense of community is translated to the faculty and staff as well. The NHS also provides so many events and groups that students can get involved in.

What stands out to me so far about my education in the NHS is the ability to gain experience through early work with patients and in clinical settings. This early experience allows each of us to foster and grow our skills day by day until we can perfect and utilize these skills in clinical practice. 

NHS: What are you hoping to do in the future?

RH: I hope to find a job at a hospital nearby to my hometown and my family after graduation. I would ideally like to begin with medical-surgical nursing and then to advance to working in an intensive care unit. Looking further ahead, I hope to go back to school one day to receive a degree in nurse anesthesia.

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