Senior Nursing Major Conducts Research on Oncology Nursing

DECEMBER 3, 2015 – During her senior year at Georgetown, Hannah Samley (NHS’16) is conducting an honors project focused on oncology nursing.

Specifically, the BSN major is looking at “Oncology Nurses’ Knowledge Level and Perceptions Regarding Music Therapy Efficacy for Cancer Treatment-Related Symptoms.”

“Next semester as I conduct my research, I will be surveying oncology nurses about their knowledge of and perceptions about music therapy used for symptom management in the oncology treatment setting,” says Samley. “This is a really interesting topic to me because I want to be an oncology nurse, and although music therapy has been shown to be very effective in many patient settings, there has not been much research published about oncology nurses’ knowledge or perceptions of this therapy.”

Cura Personalis

Samley, who plans to work as a registered nurse upon graduation in an oncology unit or an ICU, hopes to eventually earn a master’s degree and become a nurse practitioner.

She says her experience at Georgetown has prepared her well for her career – both in terms of its values-based approach and opportunities for experiential learning.

“The nursing major at Georgetown is unique in that it truly embodies the Georgetown value of cura personalis,” she says. “We learn how to care for every aspect of our patient’s health, and we incorporate this value into our nursing care every day.”

Classes, lectures, and hands-on experience combine to create a dynamic major, she says, noting, “. . . this truly prepares us to be nurses upon graduation.”

Extracurricular Activity

Samley says Georgetown has provided her with a number of meaningful outside-the-classroom opportunities.

For example, she says, “I am involved in GlobeMED, a club on campus that raises awareness of global health issues and supports a clinic in rural Guatemala.”

The senior has also spent the past three years working at Hoya Kids Learning Center, a childhood development organization and preschool for children of Georgetown students, faculty, and staff.

“Above all, the friends that I have made at Georgetown, both through the NHS and in other ways, have made my experience amazing,” she says.

‘Wonderful School’

As she prepares for the next steps, Samley says she is grateful for the experience she has had at the School of Nursing & Health Studies.

“NHS is such a wonderful school,” she notes. “Its small size allows students to get to know each other, and it always feels great to walk down the hallways of St. Mary’s and recognize many of the students there.”

She says that this community-oriented feel began when she was a newly admitted student and continued through various social events, such as the annual back-to-school BBQ and the Thanksgiving potluck dinner.

“The professors in NHS are also very helpful, and you can tell that they truly want their students to succeed and thrive both at Georgetown and after graduation,” Samley says. “I have been so fortunate to be a part of a wonderful school.”

By Bill Cessato

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