NHS Scholarship Spotlight: January 1-March 31, 2017

APRIL 24, 2017 – Faculty members and students at the School of Nursing & Health Studies regularly publish, in a variety of academic journals, on a range of topics.  Faculty members were invited to submit information for this quarterly update—covering January 1-March 31, 2017. Therefore, this list may not be complete.

The list below includes the names of the NHS authors in boldface, as well as the full journal or book citation.


Anderko, L. (2017). Climate change and public health: Nurses can make a difference. Public Health Nursing, 34(2), 99-100.

Anderko, L., & Chalupka, S. (2017). Climate and health (unit VI). In J. Leffers, C. M. Smith, K. Huffling, R. McDermott-Levy, & B. Sattler (Eds.), Environmental health in nursing. Washington: Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments.

Anderson, K., Deslauriers, P., Horvath, C., Slota, M., & Farley, J. (in press). From metacognition to practice cognition: The DNP e-portfolio to promote integrated learning. The Journal of Nursing Education.

Barrington, D. S., & James, S. A. (2017). Receipt of public assistance during childhood and hypertension risk in adulthood. Annals of Epidemiology, 27(2), 108-114.

Chaudhary, S., & Compton, P. (2017). Use of risk mitigation practices by family nurse practitioners prescribing opioids for the management of chronic nonmalignant pain. Substance Abuse, 38(1), 95-104.

De Geyndt, W. (2017). Does autonomy for public hospitals in developing countries increase performance? Evidence-based case studies. Social Science & Medicine.

Dong, X. S., Wang, X., Ringen, K., & Sokas, R. (2017). Baby boomers in the United States: Factors associated with working longer and delaying retirement. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 60(4), 315-328.

Luckow, P. W., Kenny, A., White, E., Ballard, M., Dorr, L., Erlandson, K., Grant, B., Johnson, A., Lorenzen, B., Mukherjee, S., Ly, E. J., McDaniel, A., Nowine, N., Sathananthan, V., Sechler, G.A., Kraemer, J. D., Siedner, M. J., & Panjabi, R. (2017). Implementation research on community health workers’ provision of maternal and child health services in rural Liberia. Bull World Health Organ, 95(2), 113-20.

Nyblade, L., Reddy, A., Mbote, D., Kraemer, J., Stockton, M., Kemunto, C., Krotki, K., Morla, J., Njuguna, S., Dutta, A., & Barker, C. (2017). The relationship between health worker stigma and uptake of HIV counseling and testing and utilization of non-HIV health services: the experience of male and female sex workers in Kenya. AIDS Care, 1-9.

Raparla, N., Davis, D., Shumaker, D., Kumar, A., Hafiz, S., Sava, J., Adams, K., & Fitzgibbons, S. C. (2017). A pilot program to improve nursing and surgical intern collaboration: Lessons learned from a mixed-methods study. The American Journal of Surgery, 213(2), 292-298.

Siedner, M. J., & Kraemer, J. D. (2017). The end of the Ebola virus disease epidemic: Has the work just begun?. The Lancet Global Health, 5(4), e381-e382.

Taylor, C. (2017). Conscience formation in students in health care profession programs in Catholic Universities. In D. E. DeCosse & T. A. Nairn (Eds.), Conscience & Catholic health care: From clinical contexts to government mandates. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books.

Tran, M., & Sokas, R. K. (2017). The gig economy and contingent work: An occupational health assessment. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 59(4), e63–e66.

Trombley, J., Chalupka, S., & Anderko, L. (2017). Climate change and mental health. American Journal of Nursing, 117(4), 44-52.

Vuckovic, M., Altvater, A., Helgesson Sekei, L., & Kloss, K. (2017). Sexual harassment and gender-based violence in Tanzania’s public service: a study among employees in Mtwara region and Dar es Salaam. International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 10(2).

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