Master’s-Level Students Complete Nurse Anesthesia Program

DECEMBER 12, 2016 – Nearly 50 master’s-level students completed the Nurse Anesthesia Program at the School of Nursing & Health Studies this semester.

Last Friday, school and program leadership gathered with students and their families in Gaston Hall to celebrate the accomplishment.

Director Donna Jasinski, PhD, CRNA, who founded the master’s program in 1994, offered her congratulations to the class, which she said is the largest in the program’s history.

“This is just a marvelous class,” said Jasinski, who noted that its members exceeded expectations set for them more than two years ago when they began. “We are so proud of them.”

Commitment to Values

Also offering her congratulations to the students was Patricia Cloonan, PhD, RN, the school’s dean, who spoke to the audience.

Cloonan said she was “personally in awe” of the hard work of the students, whose careers would involve caring for patients at “their most vulnerable.”

The students’ acquired “knowledge is embedded in the values framework that . . . is unique to our particular school,” she said, adding that students should “carry forward [their] commitment of service to others.”

Student Reflection

Adam Turman (G’16), RN, delivered the annual student address. He noted that Georgetown’s program is rigorous and that graduates are well received by prospective employers.

One of his classmates, he added, reported being told, “‘We don’t hire new grads. But we hire Georgetown new grads.’”

Turman thanked the faculty and families – particularly his wife Anne-Marie – for their support throughout the duration of the 27-month program.

“We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you,” he said.

Recognizing the Class

Students were called to the stage by Ladan Eshkevari, PhD, CRNA, LAc, assistant director of the master’s program and director of the new Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program. Each received a Georgetown University pin.

Additionally, Amanda Liddle, DrPH, RN, FAAN, interim chair of the Department of Advanced Nursing Practice, presented students who were inducted into the Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau with the purple and white cord of the international honor society of nursing. Liddle is chapter president.

New inductees include Saikou Beyai (G’16), RN, Arlene J. del Mundo (G’16), RN, Min J. Kim (G’16), RN, and Lauren Terrano (G’16), RN.

Additionally, the chapter’s Award for Excellence in Student Research went to Immaculate Che Ambe (G’16), RN, and Kristopher Bosque (G’16), RN, for their project, “An Exploration of Nurse Anesthetists’ Perspective Regarding Intravenous Pump Delivery of Anesthetic Drugs and Adult Patient Safety.”

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