News in Brief: Researcher Receives Grant Funding Through DC D-CFAR

MARCH 25, 2015 – The Susan H. Mayer Professor in Health Equity at the School of Nursing & Health Studies has received a $50,000 grant through a federally funded initiative aimed at ending the HIV epidemic.

Jennifer Z. Huang Bouey, PhD, MPH, MBBS, an associate professor of international health, recently earned the award from the District of Columbia Developmental Center for AIDS Research (DC D-CFAR), a multi-institution effort funded by the National Institutes of Health (P30AI087714).

“Worldwide, migration and sexual violence are two precursors highly correlated with HIV/STI among female sex workers (FSWs),” Huang Bouey notes in the grant abstract. “However, the relationship between these factors has not previously been explored within the United States.”

Pilot Study

Her proposal involves a “one-year pilot study to develop best practices for surveying HIV risk factors and collecting immunity biomarkers from local and visiting high-risk women in Washington, D.C.,” she says.

The project builds upon Huang Bouey’s longstanding related work in Asia and will engage a multidisciplinary team of experts in clinical gynecology, epidemiology, and immunology from Georgetown and George Washington University. The team will work alongside the community-based organization HIPS.