Human Science Major Prepares for Career in Medicine

MARCH 29, 2016 – Niritta Patel (NHS’19), a human science major, says she is enjoying her time on the Hilltop.

“Making the choice to attend Georgetown was truly one of my best decisions, and I feel extremely fortunate to be in such an academically and intellectually stimulating environment,” she says.

The first-year student from Florida has busied herself with various activities, serving on the editing team of the Georgetown University Journal of Health Sciences, as secretary of the Jawani dance team, and as a member of the Georgetown University Global Medical Brigade.

Medical Focus

Patel has chosen to pursue the pre-med track as part of her undergraduate coursework.

“Majoring in human science has enabled me to be exposed to a wealth of knowledge in the sciences, as well as to better prepare myself for my desired profession in the medical field,” she says. “In the future, I aspire to become a neurosurgeon and work with Doctors Without Borders to help provide health care internationally where it is needed most.”

The aspiring physician is currently refining her research skills in the domain of molecular and cellular biology. This summer, she will study abroad and conduct research in Israel at the Sheba Medical Institute, a program led by Daniel Merenstein, MD, associate professor of family medicine and human science, and Ronit Yarden, PhD, assistant professor of human science.

“I know [the experience] will significantly shape my future path,” she says.

Global Brigades

Over spring break this semester, Patel sought another global experience as a participant in a Georgetown University Global Medical Brigade trip to rural Honduras.

“Our group worked in a clinic in a rural community and helped with tasks such as Spanish translation for doctors, taking vital signs for patients in triage, teaching children about health through skits, and filling prescriptions in the community’s pharmacy,” she says. “This was an extremely fulfilling experience, and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to work alongside the Honduran people and provide help as much as possible.”

All of these experiences are contributing to her education, she says.

“Both in and beyond the classroom, my time at Georgetown will provide me with an extremely well-rounded experience through which I can grow and continue to become more globally-minded,” Patel says.

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