Human Science Senior Leads Georgetown’s Pre-Dental Society

NOVEMBER 18, 2015 - Jacqueline Payne (NHS’16) says the human science major has sparked good conversation during her interviews for dental school.

“Through my interview process for dental school, I have realized how interesting and unique the human science major truly is,” she says. “Those who interviewed me were intrigued by the major and would always encourage me to expand on what my major actually entailed.”

As a senior, Payne has worked – as president of the Georgetown University Pre-Dental Society – to assist other students who are interested in pursuing a similar professional path.

“The society has given me the opportunity to interact with peers who show the same career interest,” says Payne, who is completing her senior internship at the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. “Since my freshmen year, the group has always been very small. I was so excited to see that this year the interest in dentistry has grown.”

Hands-On Experiences

In addition to providing Payne with the foundation for a dental career, the human science major has offered a global perspective. For example, she took part in the Department of Human Science’s Translational Health Science Internship in Argentina, annually led by Pablo Irusta, PhD, associate professor of human science.

The experience, which focused on respiratory syncytial virus in children, also afforded Payne the opportunity to witness the differences between approaches to health services in Argentina and the United States.

This observation, she says, “sparked my interest in health systems, which has become the topic of my senior research paper.”

Career With Kids

Outside of the classroom, Payne has worked for several summers as a tennis camp counselor with “rambunctious children,” she says, adding, “. . . so a career that would allow me to continue my involvement with children would be a dream.”

After graduation, she plans to go to dental school with the long-term goal of opening up a pediatric dental practice.

“I have immensely enjoyed my time at Georgetown,” says Payne, who is from California. “Not only has Georgetown provided me with an irreplaceable educational experience, but also – perhaps even more importantly – Georgetown has given me new perspectives as a bi-coastal Hoya.”

By Bill Cessato

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