Senior’s Georgetown Experience Includes Leadership, Research

NOVEMBER 22, 2013 - Alexander Adams (NHS’14), a human science major, has used his time at Georgetown to conduct research, provide leadership, and share scientific knowledge with fellow students.

For his accomplishments, he was recognized November 12 at the Georgetown University Medical Center’s annual Convocation with an Outstanding Student Achievement Award.

“I love it here,” says the senior who is planning to go to medical school.  “It’s been a great four years.  I was raised Catholic.  I like the values of the Jesuit education.   The amazing educational standards are hard to miss, and I am a big basketball fan.  When I looked into the human science major, I realized it was a perfect fit.”

‘Discovering New Things’

For his senior internship course, Adams is doing research along with Maureen Basha, PhD, assistant professor of human science, and Gerard Ahern, PhD, associate professor of pharmacology.  The group is looking at chronic bladder pain.

“I like being on the cutting-edge and discovering news things,” he says.  “As an aspiring medical student, I enjoy research that has a clinical application.  I love science and being able to apply everything I’ve learned in a real setting.”

This experience, Adams says, builds upon summer research opportunities he had at the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked in laboratories focusing on prostrate hyperplasia and biliary atresia.

Leadership Role

This past February, Adams was inducted Alpha Sigma Nu, the honor society of Jesuit colleges and universities.  And in April, he was elected president of the Georgetown chapter.

“I’ve really enjoyed the mission of Alpha Sigma Nu and supporting the Jesuit ideals of loyalty, scholarship, and service,” he says.  “It’s been great meeting a lot of the different Jesuits here on campus, as well as other student members and alumni.”

As president, Adams has helped organize a social event at the Jesuit community for the Georgetown campus and a lecture on health care in the United States.  He is also helping plan an event for the upcoming Jesuit Heritage Week 2014.

On a national scale, he participates in regular conference calls with the other chapters around the United States to share information.

Tutoring and GERMS

Adams says that his favorite extracurricular activity involves tutoring other students at the school for the human biology course.  He now serves as lead tutor.

“I loved that class,” he says.  “I really enjoy passing knowledge forward.  “The bio section on the MCAT – for most people it’s the most daunting.  For me, after tutoring for years, I went into it feeling confident.”

In addition to tutoring, he has served as a member of GERMS – a student-run ambulance service at Georgetown.  He says that experience has also helped prepare him for life as a physician.

“It allows you to get that exposure to patients,” he says.  “You can be involved in treating patients and interacting with them.  You get to interact with other health care professionals when you get to the hospital.  It’s good preparation.”

By Bill Cessato