Human Science Major Edits Research Journal, Pursues Economics Interests

OCTOBER 13, 2015 - This past summer, senior human science major Madhav “Jai” Paul (NHS’16) spent interning as an analyst for Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group in New York City.

This experience, he says, contributed his multifaceted academic experience at Georgetown, where he has explored his interests in science and medicine through his major, as well as his desire to better understand the health care industry through a minor in economics.

“Coming in, I expected to have a lot of mentorship and interactions with faculty, and that’s what I got,” he says. “That dedication is huge, and it gave me a home base from which to explore all my interests.”

Georgetown Journal

Last year proved to be an especially meaningful year for Paul. As editor-in-chief of the Georgetown University Journal of Health Sciences, he made an enduring mark in the journal’s 12-year history. 2015 was the first time the journal, previously online only, appeared in print.

Over the course of the year, Paul increased journal activities, the membership base, submissions, and the publication’s budget.

“I really like to grow projects and see how they can expand to the best of their abilities,” Paul says. “I hope that it continues to thrive to the level of an actual academic journal after my tenure.”

Cross-Disciplinary Interests

Though Paul’s academic studies are formally rooted in the NHS, he has found numerous opportunities to explore the health care field in a cross-disciplinary way.

“I tried to do everything I could in a variety of fields so I could truly learn what I want to do in the future,” explains Paul.

The undergraduate has danced competitively, led the undergraduate research journal, and become involved in both the Georgetown University Student Investment Fund (GUSIF) and the Georgetown Collegiate Investors (GCI).

“Doing so has really allowed me to expand my horizons and meet different people throughout every school at Georgetown, and that has only broadened my studies within the NHS,” he says.

Post-Graduation Plans

With senior year underway, Paul looks forward to exploring the city and using the year to maintain his friendships.

After graduation, he hopes to work within the finance industry and eventually at the intersection between the finance and health care fields.

By Celeste Chen (C’14, G’16)

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