Undergrads Selected for Health Equity Program

MARCH 18, 2013 - The Committee on Mission and Values at the School of Nursing & Health Studies has selected three undergraduates to take part in the inaugural Health Equity Student Scholars Program.

Khadijah Davis (NHS’15), a health care management & policy major, Margaret Krackeler (NHS’16), a human science major, and Helena Manguerra (NHS’15), an international health major, were chosen for the 2013-2014 academic year.

“I was interested in the program because I want to do research,” Krackeler says.

Manguerra says that personal experience has caused her to focus on health disparities.

“My parents are from the Philippines, and our relatives don’t always have access to health care,” she said.

Program Plans

Laura Anderko, PhD, RN, the Robert and Kathleen Scanlon Chair in Values Based Health Care, will advise the students as they perform research on the vital factors affecting health disparities in the DC metro area.

“Health care is affected by culture – some people just don’t have access to it,” said Davis. “I’ve always been interested in health care disparities and hope to work in health equity one day.”

As scholars, the students will work on selected research projects in partnership with the Region III Health Equity Council – an initiative of the Office of Minority Health within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Anderko and the students will act as a team and join in meetings with the council. The projects will focus on data collection and analysis of key factors impacting health disparities and health equity within the region.

Anderko, a member of the council, says that the students stood out to her and the committee.

“It was about their passion for reducing and eliminating health disparities,” she says.

Next Steps

A $1,000 stipend, funded through the school’s Center for Health Equity – Research, Implementation, and Teaching, will be awarded to each student April 1, 2013.

“I’m really excited to get started,” Krackeler said. “As a freshman, I haven’t done much research and now I can build on my knowledge.”

By Tiffani Haynes