Health Care Management & Policy Major Named CEO of The Corp

FEBRUARY 23, 2015 - Marnie Wallach (NHS’16), a health care management & policy major, has been selected as CEO for The Corp, which was incorporated in 1972, is governed entirely by undergraduates, and now runs several services across campus.

Wallach, who has been with The Corp since her first year at Georgetown, will assume her new role at the beginning of next month.

“I felt incredible when I found out I was selected,” Wallach says. “Looking back at the number of hours I spent rearranging boxes in the stock room, it is surreal to be given the CEO position.”

Professional Path

Wallach’s first role with The Corp was a cashier and stocker at Vital Vittles, a grocery story in the Leavey Center.

“I was looking for a tight-knit community on campus,” she says. “The idea of a combining a job with a social circle was ideal for me.”

She was soon promoted to director of inventory at Vittles. And from there, she became director of purchasing for the store in spring of 2014.

“Through this role, I worked to enhance the quality of products offered in Vittles,” Wallach says. “Being able to bring new vendors onto campus [was] one of the most exciting parts of it.”

Balancing Responsibilities

The junior is ready for the challenge of balancing classes with CEO pressures. “Like any Georgetown student, I want more than anything to excel in everything I'm involved in,” Wallach says.

She believes that she will successfully manage her busy schedule, especially with the support of The Corp’s upper management team.

“We all have some low-stress weeks, and some that result in multiple all-nighters,” Wallach says. “Building a mutual understanding with the rest of the team is especially important.”

Unique Perspective

Wallach says her major has given her a solid foundation.

“I really love the major, as it exposes students to several sides of the health care system,” she says. “It also allows me to focus on some of the business aspects of the industry.”

The student has been able to apply some of the concepts she learned in the classroom to real life.

“A lot of my classes are focused on the management of people and employees,” Wallach says. “I’ve been able to have hands-on experience in that through my roles in The Corp.”

Public Health Marketing

With a background in health care and business, the junior hopes to continue her professional development in public health marketing.

“No matter what sector I choose to pursue, my experience leading The Corp will allow me to understand the employee experience and offer a unique perspective,” Wallach says.

By Masha Mikey (S’15)