HCMP Junior Spending Semester Abroad in Italy

FEBRUARY 11, 2016 – While Taylor Brown (NHS’17) is usually immersed in courses on various facets of the health care field, this semester she is broadening her focus through a semester abroad program in Florence.

The health care management & policy major at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, for example, is taking classes on Italian art and architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries, Italian cinema, and the city of Florence itself.

“Outside of the classroom, I plan to immerse myself in Italian culture through weekend excursions to different Italian cities as well as other European countries,” Brown says.

‘Affordable Health Services’

Brown says she has enjoyed her Georgetown experience thus far.

“Georgetown has helped me to grow as both an individual and an intellectual,” she notes. “My peers and professors constantly challenge me to reflect on my own ideas and actions while striving to become a better person each and every day.”

This time at college has given her the opportunity to find her “purpose” and energize her “passions” in health care.

“Specifically, I enjoy the interconnectedness of the HCMP courses and how they have allowed me to combine my interest in health policy with my desire to provide affordable health services to low income and minority communities,” she says.

Community Building

At the School of Nursing & Health Studies, Brown is a member of the student-led Minority Health Initiative Council, an organization that facilitates access and support for minority students within the school and works to promote health equity.

“As a member of MHIC, I have learned about the importance of community building,” she says. “I think programs such as Mission Nutrition are important to encourage younger populations to practice healthy living habits. Educating others about health and wellness has no age limit and empowering adolescents to become advocates of their own health can only benefit their overall wellness both physically and mentally.”

Health Law Career

Brown is thinking about next steps after she graduates from Georgetown, including working in health policy analysis and earning her master’s degree in health systems administration.

“I would then like to attend law school and practice health care law in which I advise different hospitals and managed care organizations about health laws that govern the administration of health services,” she says.

For now, she plans to get the most out of her time in Florence.

“This semester my goal is to learn and improve on my Italian language skills, as well as develop a better understanding and appreciation for signature elements of Italian life through activities such as visits to historical churches, museums, and cooking classes,” she says.

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