Health Care Management & Policy Major Spent Semester in Spain

JANUARY 24, 2017 - Patrick Rispoli (NHS’18) is a junior studying health care management & policy at the School of Nursing & Health Studies. During the fall semester, he had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Salamanca in Spain. At Georgetown, he is active in the Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society, Cups for Campus, and the Student Advocacy Office.

NHS: Tell us about your study abroad experience?

PR: This past semester I studied in the health care program at the University of Salamanca, in Salamanca, Spain. While in Salamanca, I took an intensive Spanish language class, Spanish Cinema, Medical Spanish, and Comparative Health Systems. The academic program was interesting and - especially in the case of my health-related classes - provided a different perspective on global health and the future of health systems.

NHS: How did you enjoy your time in Spain?

PR: My time in Salamanca was one of the most refreshing and informative experiences I’ve had so far in my life. I had the unparalleled opportunity to travel around Europe, experience entirely new cultures, and meet people from all over the world. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of my abroad semester was the chance to interact on a daily basis with international students, which has truly given me a greater understanding of other cultures as well as a different world perspective.

NHS: How have you enjoyed your major thus far and Georgetown?

PR: Over the past two and half years at Georgetown, I’ve been exposed to an incredible range of academic, social, and professional opportunities. Experienced and engaging professors, a forward-thinking and unique academic atmosphere, and a wealth of extracurricular and social experiences provided on and off campus allow Georgetown students to define themselves in an increasingly competitive and interconnected world. But more than this, being a student at Georgetown means being a part of a passionate and diverse community dedicated to Jesuit values.

The NHS is a primary example of this sense of community. From the NHS-wide barbecues, to occasional bagels and coffee served in the St. Mary’s lobby, to a wide range of educational events and lectures offered to students outside of class, the NHS fosters tight-knit social and academic interactions amongst peers and professors. This familiarity and cohesion in learning, in addition to promoting a constantly innovative attitude, is what makes the NHS so unique as an individual school at Georgetown, and is why I enjoy being in the HCMP program so much.

NHS: What activities are you involved in on campus? What do you enjoy about those?

PR: I am involved in the Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society, the Student Advocacy Office, and Cups for Campus. The Tour Guide Society has not only introduced me to a diverse group of both prospective students and students at Georgetown, but also allowed me to develop skills that are not usually honed in a classroom setting, such as public speaking. As a member of the Student Advocacy Office, I get the chance to represent students who need help navigating our school’s disciplinary sanctions, and in doing so (hopefully) provide comfort in presumably stressful moments. Through Cups for Campus, I can make a direct difference in promoting healthy habits around campus and hopefully in reducing the spread of disease.

NHS: What are you thinking about for the future?

PR: Like many, I am not quite sure what I would like to do following senior year. This spring I will be working at a semester-long internship with Strategic Health Care, a consulting and lobbying firm in DC, where hopefully I’ll gain more of an idea of what interests me in the health care field and what I want to do post-graduation.

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