HCMP Senior Contributes to Health Disparities Report, Aims to Be Hospital Administrator

NOVEMBER 8, 2016 - John Davis (NHS’17) is a health care management & policy major at the School of Nursing & Health Studies. Recently, he served as project manager for the school-developed report, “The Health of the African American Community in the District of Columbia: Disparities and Recommendations.”

A volunteer at St. Elizabeths Hospital and a member of the Georgetown Scholarship Program and the Minority Health Initiative Council, Davis is looking forward to a career in hospital administration.

NHS: Where are you from?

JD: I am from Connecticut. I love New England, especially around this time due to the leaves changing colors, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. My passion for health care comes from my mother who is a nurse, and I will be eternally grateful to my parents who have sacrificed so much for me to be where I am.

NHS: How are you enjoying your major, NHS, and Georgetown?

JD: As cliché as it sounds, Georgetown has become a second home. The HCMP Program is very small, and as a result, everyone is very close-knit. My professors are always welcoming, and their passion for their subjects is inspiring. The Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP) has provided me with wonderful opportunities ranging from professional workshops to cultural outings in New York City. Wherever I end up next, Georgetown will always have a place close to my heart.

NHS: How did you get involved in the health disparities report? How did you enjoy that process?

JD: I reached out to Dr. [Robert] Friedland, and he referred me to Dr. [Christopher] King. Everyone on the report team was incredible to work with. It was incredible to see the diversity of talent that is present at Georgetown, which really streamlined the process. Last month, a few members of the team, Dean [Brian] Floyd, and I presented the report and recommendations to Congresswoman Norton’s office. That was the first time that I had visited the office of a member of Congress, and it was truly a unique experience to explain where we are, where we need to go, and how we are going to get there.

NHS: What other activities are you involved in on campus?

JD: One group that I am a part of is the Minority Health Initiative Council (MHIC). The MHIC communicates with current and prospective minority students in order to increase the number of underrepresented minority students pursing a health degree and give them the resources that they need to be successful. I also volunteer at St. Elizabeths Hospital on Friday afternoons, and I love interacting with the patients, hearing their stories, and learning more about them.

What are your plans for the future?

JD: I look forward to obtaining an MHA or MBA and working in a hospital as an administrator. I have received a great education from Georgetown; now the onus is on me, as St. Ignatius would say to, “set the world on fire.”

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