HCMP Senior Gains Valuable Experience at PCORI, Deloitte

OCTOBER 27, 2015 – Carly Cianci (NHS’16), a health care management & policy major at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, has enjoyed her four years on the Hilltop.

“Georgetown is my second home, and I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to attend such an incredible school,” she says. “In particular, the NHS has provided me with a specialized and individualized education with opportunities to develop close relationships with my classmates and mentorships among my professors.”

She points to the smaller class sizes and individualized attention and notes, “some of my fondest memories at Georgetown involve working and interacting with my fellow HCMP classmates.”

Experiential Learning

Outside of the classroom, Cianci says she has had the opportunity to “intern at some incredible places.”

For example, she has worked at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and Deloitte Consulting. At PCORI, Cianci worked with a team to better understand how clinicians were engaged in PCORI-funded research. While at Deloitte’s federal consulting practice this past summer, she assisted a team that supports the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), which assists military families with special needs.

“From these experiences, I have learned how to work in professional settings and made strong connections with my coworkers and fellow interns,” she says. “My experiences have complemented my work in the classroom, taught me valuable skills, and given me perspective as to what kind of career I would like to have in the health industry.”

Honors Project

Cianci is pursing the health policy analysis track within the HCMP major, and this year, she is completing an honors thesis.

Her thesis will support researcher Michael Stoto, PhD, professor of health systems administration, with his AHRQ-funded research project, “to investigate the intersection of interventions that involve engaging patients and families to address patient safety in primary care settings.”

“I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in a project of this caliber and to learn from an incredible team of researchers,” Cianci says.

‘Unique Perspective’

Currently, Cianci is giving thought to what she has learned at Georgetown and considering options for next steps after graduation. She says her education has offered a solid foundation.

“As an HCMP major, I have gained a unique perspective on the U.S. health care system. This has helped me to develop a deeper understanding about the different types of positions and opportunities one can have in the health care industry. I know there are endless opportunities that I can choose from.”

By Bill Cessato

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