Global Health Junior Enjoys Major’s Multidisciplinary Approach

OCTOBER 31, 2016 – Mark Debettencourt (NHS’18) is a global health major who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He is actively involved with the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS) organization, which is a “volunteer and student-run emergency ambulance service.”

Debettencourt shared some thoughts about his time at Georgetown so far.

NHS: How are you enjoying the global health major?

MD: I am really enjoying the global health major. I feel so lucky to be in a major that is so multidisciplinary and allows us to look at health from all sorts of angles – something great for a person like me who enjoys learning many different things. I have gotten to learn about health through courses in maternal and child health, epidemiology, political economics of health, demography, health promotion, and comparative health systems. I am very excited to be able to go abroad next year.

NHS: What activities are you involved in on campus?

MD: The activity I am most involved with on campus is GERMS, our on-campus ambulance service. I am currently an ambulance driver and the vice president of operations, meaning I am in charge of ensuring our ambulances stay in service, driver training for future ambulance drivers, and overseeing our other operational responsibilities. GERMS has definitely been the most impactful activity I have done on campus – and my favorite. I am also a volunteer for Project Lighthouse as a peer supporter. I went to Honduras last year as a part of the Georgetown University Global Medical Brigade, and I was a peer advisor this last year at NHS.

NHS: What stands out to you about you education and time at Georgetown?

MD: What stands out to me about Georgetown - and what I believe makes it special - is how incredible the students here are. Everyone here, especially in the NHS, is very friendly, approachable, and smart. I have been so lucky to have great professors and faculty. Having come from a Jesuit high school in California, I am a huge fan of the Jesuit ideals and really appreciate that aspect of Georgetown.

NHS: What are you hoping to do in the future?

MD: I hope my future entails working in the health field, as I find it very interesting and a great way to improve people’s lives. My ultimate goal is to attend medical school, but I hope to also be involved with global health in some capacity.

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