Georgetown Alumna Addresses Homelessness During Values Based Lecture

MARCH 27, 2015 - A Georgetown alumna and expert on homelessness among women delivered the keynote address in the Values Based Lecture Series at the School of Nursing & Health Studies.

Desiree Hellegers (C'83), PhD, who earned her bachelor's degree in English at Georgetown, spoke Thursday night to an audience of about 70 students, faculty, and staff.

The associate professor of English at Washington State University Vancouver is author of No Room of Her Own: Women's Stories of Homelessness, Life, Death, and Resistance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).

Annual Event

The annual event is planned by the school's Committee on Mission and Values. Patricia Cloonan, PhD, RN, welcomed the audience and highlighted the way in which the lecture is an important opportunity to highlight the university's values.

Committee co-chair Laura Anderko, PhD, RN, the Robert and Kathleen Scanlon Chair in Values Based Health Care at NHS, introduced the speaker, who addressed, "Disposable Bodies: Homelessness, the War on the Poor, and Death on the Streets of Livable City USA."

Watch the lecture video above.