News Brief: Nurse Ethicist Delivers Keynote at Symposium in Panama

DECEMBER 11, 2013 - Carol Taylor, PhD, RN, professor of nursing at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, delivered the keynote address at an international symposium in Panama that focused on ethics, humanism, and science.

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the Latin American University of Science and Technology hosted the event, which took place Wednesday, November 27, and included about 400 participants, according to the organization.

Taylor, a well-known ethicist, spoke about “Rethinking Humane Care for Human Beings: Trivial, Superficial, Unrealistic, or Essential.”

‘Timeless Commitment’

“I found both the faculty and students keen to explore how currents trends in medicine and health care are challenging the timeless commitment of health care professionals to keep the interests of their patients primary,” Taylor says.

Students from seven health professions participated in the fourth annual symposium, which was the first that looked at an ethics-related topic.

Fernando Gracia, MD, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, says the goal of the symposium was to “prepare with the best academic and scientific training the students of health sciences, especially as a comprehensive being in the exercise of their profession, taking into account aspects such as humanism [and] ethics – aspects that are currently required to be strengthened in our health professionals.”

During the event, Taylor also conducted a workshop on human vulnerability.

By Bill Cessato