MHSA Student to Serve as President of HEGU

MARCH 19, 2015 – Brandon Lock (G’16) has been elected to serve as president of the Healthcare Executives of Georgetown University (HEGU), a student group based in the Department of Health Systems Administration at the School of Nursing & Health Studies.

Lock, who is earning his master of science degree in health systems administration, says that HEGU provides an excellent opportunity to network and develop as a professional outside of the academic curriculum.

“It creates a platform for building professional relationships and an environment that facilitates high-level discussion of critical health care topics and issues facing the industry,” the student says.

Expanding Opportunities

Speaking about HEGU’s strategic initiatives for the upcoming year, Lock mentions the need to expand the group’s partnerships within the Georgetown community and across Washington, D.C.

He is also looking to step up the networking capabilities of the organization by hosting and sponsoring a number of professional health care events.

“We believe that in doing this, we will create a valuable experience for HEGU members and the Georgetown community,” the president says.

Georgetown Experience

Lock believes that his background in life sciences and philosophy sparked his interest in the intricacies of health care delivery.

“Georgetown’s Health Systems Administration Program is incredibly unique in having an experiential component that focuses on highly interactive and engaging health care topics,” the student says.

He says “U.S. Health Systems and Health Policies” and “Health Care Management Consulting” are two of his favorite classes so far.

“Both of these courses have offered valuable insights from health care professionals, meaningful discussions regarding the health care industry, and a dynamic student learning experience,” Lock says.

Focus on the Future

Lock plans to focus on understanding the organization of and the daily interactions within health care systems, as well as the labor-intensive nature of health care delivery.

He says that a career in health care consulting, which will tie together his knowledge of the life sciences and health systems, seems like a good fit.

In the future, he hopes to pursue further education in bioethics and philosophy directly related to the health care field.

“I firmly believe that my involvement with HEGU will directly impact my future career and my ability to achieve these goals,” Lock notes.

By Masha Mikey (S’15)