MHSA Student Builds Portfolio at Georgetown

OCTOBER 10, 2014 – Amjaad Al-Hussain (G’15), a candidate in the master’s program in health systems administration at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, came to Georgetown with experience in the health care field.

As an undergraduate at George Mason University, where she majored in health administration with a concentration in health systems management, she consistently interned and worked within the Inova Health System.

Now in her third semester of Georgetown’s program, Al-Hussain is working to build an even more robust skill set.

Experiential Learning

The master of science program offers a curriculum that is competency-based and practice-centered, allowing students to identify their strengths and develop skills in the areas of primary interest to them.

For Al-Hussain, the “Health Care Management Consulting” elective course is among her favorite classes. The course, taught by Ryung Suh, MD, MPP, MBA, MPH, associate professor of health systems administration, examines the connections between health systems administration and strategic business operations.

The students were assigned to teams and led projects for real-life organizations. “It challenged our skills, innovation, and creativity,” she says. 

By the completion of the program, the students develop a work portfolio that includes their strategic, marketing, financial, and business plans. “Graduating with a thick portfolio is truly an asset that I value,” she says.

Personalized Medicine

Al-Hussain’s area of professional interests includes genomics and personalized medicine commercialization. Once she began learning about translational medicine and pharmacogenomics, she was hooked.

“Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs,” according to the National Library of Medicine.  Its goal is to “develop effective, safe medications and doses that will be tailored to a person’s genetic makeup.”

“Genomics and personalized medicine will transform the way we deliver care, and I want to be a part of that transformation,” says Al-Hussain.

Georgetown Spirit

Al-Hussain says that the dedication of the faculty to the students’ individual development is a strength of the program.

“Their individualized mentoring, eagerness to challenge students, and sincere care are not limited to the classroom,” she says.

Al-Hussain says she believes in the power of the Georgetown spirit.

“Our unique faculty-peer relationships will remain strong no matter where our careers or lives lead us,” she says. “We are lifelong learners and servant leaders to the patients and communities we serve – passion and purpose feed the soul.”

By Masha Mikey (S’15)