Chair’s Welcome - International Health

Welcome to the Department of International Health at Georgetown University.

Our program challenges students to synthesize the rapidly expanding fields of global health, public health, and health systems administration, into an inclusive and cohesive study of health on a global level.

We look at how environment, culture, economics, and politics all impact the health status of entire populations.

In the dynamic landscape that influences global health, Georgetown is situated in an ideal location. Washington, D.C. offers outstanding opportunities to our students, with access to some of the pivotal players in the field, such as the World Bank, PAHO, and USAID.

In fact, many of our professors come from these same agencies, after many years of service, and bring with them a depth of experience that enhances class room education with their personal insights and knowledge.

We are constantly striving to broaden our students’ perspectives and to expose them to a range of formative experiences.

As part of the Global Health program, our students are offered the opportunity of experiential learning through several internships. As juniors, students are placed at local agencies; NGOs that deal with health care provision to underserved populations and immigrants.

More unique and most important for a prospective career in global health is a full semester long internship abroad in Africa, Australia, or Latin America, where students are actively undertaking field research supported by local institutions, working on current health issues and experiencing first hand what it means to work in global health.

Please take the time to look at what the Department of International Health has to offer you as you pursue a career in global health. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bernhard H. Liese, MD, DSc, MPH