Translational Health Science Internship

Each spring/summer, Pablo Irusta, PhD, associate professor of human science, leads a six-week Translational Health Science Internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Translational Health Science Internship is hosted by the INFANT Foundation, a member of the Vanderbilt Panamerican Infant Network.

This internship provides students with the opportunity to participate in biomedical translational research in Argentina by embedding them into a team of local and U.S.-trained researchers and physicians studying the basic science and clinical effects of viruses that cause respiratory infections in infants, children, and adolescents.

The course includes a classroom component and a laboratory component, along with field experience from shadowing certified physicians in pediatric hospitals.

While the focus of the program is on international scientific research and translational science, students will take advantage of specific activities that will encourage them to learn the local culture and interact with local people.

These activities include a mini-course taught in English called "Introduction to Contemporary Argentina," guided tours of Buenos Aires, tango lessons, Spanish lessons, and a visit to a typical Estancia.

Program Coverage and Information