Human Science Faculty

The Department of Human Science includes faculty members with expertise in diverse scientific disciplines.  Faculty members advance and disseminate scientific knowledge through research, teaching, and scholarship. Departmental areas of interest include cancer, cell biology, environmental health, genetics, health promotion, occupational health, physiology, microbiology, virology, and behavioral and social science.

The faculty regularly involves undergraduate students in their innovative academic activities. Many work with students in the Discovery Center, which is a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory, and often will encourage undergraduates to author or co-author manuscripts or present their findings at research meetings.

Department Chair

Pablo M. Irusta
Associate Professor and Chair
Research Interests: Cell Signaling, Respiratory Viruses, Cell Cycle, Aging

Our Faculty

Laura Anderko
Robert and Kathleen Scanlon Chair in Values Based Health Care
Primary Appointment: Department of Health Systems Administration
Research Interests: Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Justice, Children's Environmental Health, Public Health

Allan Angerio
Associate Dean for Education and Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor Emeritus

Debbie Barrington
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Social Epidemiology, Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities, Life Course Determinants of Cardiovascular Health

Carol RT Day
Adjunct Assistant Professor
(Director, Health Education Services)
Research Interests: Emotional Intelligence and College Health, Community-Based Learning, Assessment

David Goldsmith
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Interests: Environmental Health, Occupational Health

Phil Hagan
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Health Impacts of the Environment

Pablo M. Irusta
Chair and Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cell Signaling, Respiratory Viruses, Cell Cycle, Aging

Jan LaRocque
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Genetics, Genome Instability, DNA Damage and Repair

Wei-Han Liu
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Environmental Pollution and Impact, Environmental Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Environmental Modeling

Daniel Merenstein
Primary Appointment: Department of Family Medicine
(Director of the Research Division, Department of Family Medicine, Georgetown University Hospital)
Research Interests: Clinical Trials, Probiotics, Antibiotic Stewardship, HIV Research, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Primary Care Medicine

Ted Nelson
Assistant Professor
Research Interest: Neuroscience, Sensory Systems, Taste Behavior and Genetics, C. elegans

Todd Olson
Adjunct Assistant Professor
(Vice President of Student Affairs, Georgetown University)
Research Interests: Health Promotion, College Student Development, Team Dynamics, Group Dynamics, College Health, Community Development

Joan Riley
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Health Promotion, Well Being, College Student Development, Curriculum Infusion

Erika Rogan
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Older Adult health, Coordination of Health Care and Social Services, State-level Health Policy, Patient Experience

Blythe Shepard
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Kidney, Glucose Handling, Olfactory Receptors, and Diabetes

Rosemary Sokas
Research Interests: Occupational Health

Alexander Theos
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cell Biology; Lysosome-Related Organelle Biogenesis

Jason Tilan
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Vascular Physiology; Arteriogenesis and Angiogenesis; Tumor Angiogenesis; Stress Physiology

James Welsh
Associate Professor
(Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital)

Our Staff

Carol Hom
Program Coordinator 

Jennifer Ericson
Assistant Dean

Yaron Dayani
Research Associate
Research Interests:  Genome Instability, DNA Damage Response, Viruses, Cell cycle