Department of Human Science

The Department of Human Science offers an undergraduate human biology curriculum that is designed for students who wish to study the application of scientific discoveries in biology, chemistry, behavioral sciences, and population sciences to human health. The department also recently launched a graduate-level certificate program in occupational and environmental health.

The department's mission is to provide an active learning experience for students that extends well beyond the classroom. 

Dynamic learning and research opportunities include:

  • Hands-on scientific inquiry in the Discovery Center, a 3,000-square-foot research and teaching laboratory 
  • An innovative Translational Health Science Internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hands-on experiences in health promotion, population, and environmental health
  • The annual regional Undergraduate Research Conference
  • The Georgetown Journal of Health Science.

Departmental faculty members hold expertise in diverse scientific disciplines and have been recognized for excellence in teaching.  Faculty encourage students to participate in research collaborations, as well as to publish.

By providing the highest quality teaching in the human health sciences, the department places a strong emphasis on building critical thinking skills and appreciating the importance of diversity in addressing health questions of the future.

These communication and investigative skills empower our students to be leaders in the future of health science.