Health Administration

The undergraduate track in health administration, one of the very few in the country, is an innovative curricular option for students seeking a broad understanding of complex health systems. The track builds on core academic disciplines including public health, economics, statistics, law, and finance; and it deepens students’ knowledge of health systems with additional coursework in organizational theory, law, strategic planning, management ethics, budgeting, and information systems.

Many students pursue internships in health care organizations and participate in extra-curricular clubs and activities that expand their understanding of the environment of health and health care. Additionally, students in this track complete a capstone internship where they synthesize what they have learned throughout the curriculum and apply their theoretical understanding to care delivery organizations.

Students in the health administration track are motivated by a desire to improve health and health care.  Many move on to careers in consulting, care delivery, or professional organizations and associations. They often complete their graduate training in law, medicine, public health, or health administration.

Health Policy Analysis

The health policy analysis track emphasizes core academic disciplines, including public health, economics, policy analysis, statistics, and finance. Students are also exposed to the fundamentals of how the government operates and how policy is developed around the country's modern health care system.

Building upon this foundation, students have opportunities to pursue curricular-based and extracurricular internships at policy-related organizations. Students within the track are motivated by a desire to make change. They are provided with an education that prepares them for careers on Capitol Hill, within federal administrative agencies, at advocacy organizations, and as policy analysts in a wide range of organizations.

Students also often continue their education with graduate training in law, medicine, public health and other disciplines. Our students have worked or interned in policy positions at a wide range of organizations such as the White House, United States Congress, federal agencies, consulting companies, and non-profit organizations.