Senior Internship

At the undergraduate level, an internship is required during the spring semester of the senior year as part of HESY 377 - Health Systems Practicum and Internship.

Interns are assigned to senior executives of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital who introduce the students to the practical aspects of working on issues and projects that focus on achieving the highest possible quality of care. The internship requires a minimum of 16 hours a week throughout the semester and the completion of a senior project that is presented to the class.

MGUH is located adjacent to St. Mary’s Hall, the home of the Department of Health Systems Administration.  Various departments and offices throughout the hospital serve as sites for this experiential learning opportunity.

Practicum Health Clearance Information

This information is for undergraduate students within the Health Care Management & Policy major.  Please review closely.  Failure to meet any of the following requirements will jeopardize your ability to attend the practicum site.

  • Prior to the beginning of their senior year all HCMP students must provide documentation that they have been cleared to participate in the required practicum experience.
  • The HCMP Health Screening Form needs to be completed for requirements 1 - 4. Each section of the form needs to be signed and dated by your health care provider. Return this completed form to Michael Peterson in 230 St. Mary's Hall by July 1.  No other forms will be accepted.
  • For requirement 5, please submit documentation of influenza  vaccination once the vaccine becomes available in the Fall. More information about specific deadlines and GU vaccination opportunities will be provided as the vaccine becomes available.
  • For requirement 6, please email Rebecca Warren of completion by  July 1. Please note that the Background Check may take up to a week for results.
  • Please make copies of all documents including the health screening form for your own records.

Requirements for Clinical Clearance
(Numbers 1-6 listed below) 

1. Immunizations

  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Acellular Pertussis (Tdap): One dose of Tdap vaccine is required within the last ten years. However, if a Td booster has been given within the past 2 years documentation of that vaccine is acceptable. If you are unable to receive the Tdap vaccine, documentation of the reason and of a recent Td vaccine must be submitted.
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Two doses of Varicella vaccine or a positive antibody titer is required. To have had the chicken pox as a child may not be sufficient protection against the disease and a titer is therefore necessary to prove immunity.
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR): Two doses of MMR vaccine or a positive antibody titer is required.
  • Hepatitis B: Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine over period of 6 months or positive antibody titer is required.If not already completed, the Health Screening Form should reflect that you have begun this  process by the time it is returned.

2. TB Test

  • A 2-Step PPD-Mantoux test must be placed and interpreted by a health care provider.
  • If PPD is positive, or student has previous history of a positive tuberculin skin test, a normal chest X-ray is required within 12 months, unless history of INH therapy is documented. Repeat chest X-rays are not needed unless student displays symptoms or  signs of  TB or a clinician recommends a repeat chest X-ray. The health care provider performing the annual physical should screen for signs and symptoms of TB.

3. Physical Exam

  • Your health care provider must verify that you are in good health and can participate in the practicum. Your most recent physical needs to be after January 1 of the year prior to your Senior Spring (for example: If you graduate in Spring 2011, your physical needs to be after 1/1/2010).

4. Drug Screen

  • All students must provide documentation of a negative urine drug test.
  • If a student tests positive due a prescribed medication, documentation from a health care provider must be submitted.
  • Please note that some sites may require a drug screening within 30 days. Therefore, you may need multiple drug screens throughout the year. Your instructor will notify you of this extra requirement and it must be completed in order to achieve clearance.
  • You should receive the drug screen from your normal health care provider. If this is not possible, the Student Health Center (SHC) next to St. Mary's Hall can provide a drug screenings. You can call (202) 687-2200 to make an appointment at the SHC.

5. Influenza Vaccinations

  • All students must be vaccinated against the seasonal influenza virus.
  • The new flu vaccine is released each fall and should be received once available. More information about specific deadlines will be provided as the vaccine becomes available.
  • Students who cannot receive the flu vaccination due to an egg allergy or other health issue must provide documentation of this from a health
    care provider.

6. Criminal Background Check

  • All HCMP majors must secure a criminal background check every year. NHS only accepts background checks completed through the vendor Please go to and click on "Students." In the package code box, enter the package code EO14 (it is a capital "O" and not a zero). Select a payment. accepts Visa, MasterCard, and money orders.
  • Once your background check is finished processing, please email Rebecca Warren, program coordinator, to alert him that the background check has been submitted. The program coordinator can access the results online, which should be available within 1 week.