Bachelor’s – Human Science

The Bachelor of Science in Human Science is a four-year program that provides undergraduate students with a strong scientific background in the context of human health. Faculty members create dynamic classroom-based and experiential learning opportunities and act as research mentors in various types of scientific inquiry. Students in the program have access to the Discovery Center research laboratory and learn how to communicate their findings through presentation and, sometimes, publication.

Program Features

  • Emphasis on translational science to benefit human health at the bedside and in the community, promoting health and preventing illness
  • Distinguished from a traditional biology major, the Human Science major allows students to study the application of scientific discoveries in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics to human health
  • Hands-on experience in the Discovery Center teaching and research laboratory, as well as other research possibilities on campus and in the greater Washington, D.C. area
  • Senior internship course in a health-related setting to gain research experience
  • Pre-med and study abroad opportunities

Program Admissions

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Application Deadlines
Early Action – November 1, 2021
Regular Decision – January 10, 2022

Transfer – March 1, 2022

To Applicants: Thank you for your interest in the School of Nursing & Health Studies (NHS). As you may have read, Georgetown is planning to launch a School of Nursing and a School of Health by July 1, 2022. We expect that NHS’s current academic programs will continue on through these two new schools. We plan for the BSN, the MS in Nursing, the DNAP, the DNP, and the PhD in Nursing will be housed in the planned future School of Nursing. We plan for the BS programs in Global Health, Health Care Management & Policy, and Human Science and the MS program in Health Systems Administration will be housed in the planned future School of Health.  The future organizational homes of these programs will not affect your application – students admitted to any of these programs will become students in the new schools when they are established.

Exciting Learning Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Conference
Founded in 2003 at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, the Undergraduate Research Conference has grown into a regional event that celebrates undergraduate student investigators and their faculty mentors! About 920 student posters have been showcased between 2003-2019.

Discovery Center
The Discovery Center, a special feature of the Department of Human Science, is a scientific laboratory and classroom setting for faculty and student research projects. Undergraduate students have had the opportunity to present their research at various scientific meetings, as well as publish their findings in journals.

Translational Health Science Internship
Founded by the Department of Human Science in 2007, the six-credit summer Translational Health Science Internship allows students to conduct laboratory and clinical research in Buenos Aires, Argentina. About 160 students have taken part between 2007-2018.Georgetown University Journal of Health Sciences
The GUJHS is a peer-reviewed health sciences journal dedicated to collecting, editing, and publishing quality research work performed by undergraduate and graduate students. We encourage students to pursue research and express their passion about the health sciences through written media.

Alumni Outcomes

Human science alumni have gone on to attend master’s and doctoral programs for public health, basic science, medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy at universities like Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Wake Forest, and Yale.

Graduates also enter the workforce in areas such as bio-technology research, health communication, and management consulting, joining organizations that include Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, and the National Institutes of Health.

Georgetown students and Professor Pable Irusta during the Translational Health Science Internship in Argentina

Translational Health Science Internship

Each spring/summer, students participate in a six-week Translational Health Science Internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This internship provides students with the opportunity to participate in biomedical translational research in Argentina by embedding them into a team of local and U.S.-trained researchers and physicians studying the basic science and clinical effects of viruses that cause respiratory infections in infants, children, and adolescents. The course includes a classroom component and a laboratory component, along with field experience from shadowing certified physicians in pediatric hospitals.

Honors Program

The honors program in human science recognizes those students pursuing a high level of independent discovery research (laboratory, archival, community) during their undergraduate years culminating in a senior undergraduate thesis as they complete their Human Science major course of study.

Current Students

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