Human Science Department

The Department of Human Science offers an undergraduate human biology curriculum that is designed for students who wish to study the application of scientific discoveries in biology, chemistry, behavioral sciences, and population sciences to human health.

The Department of Human Science is a vibrant learning community of expert faculty who teach and mentor students in the health sciences, create exciting opportunities for research and scholarship, and position graduates to excel in dental, medical, and public health programs – to name a few areas – or to enter the workforce.

Exciting Learning Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Conference
Founded in 2003 at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, the Undergraduate Research Conference has grown into a regional event that celebrates undergraduate student investigators and their faculty mentors! About 920 student posters have been showcased between 2003-2019.

Discovery Center
The Discovery Center, a special feature of the Department of Human Science, is a scientific laboratory and classroom setting for faculty and student research projects. Undergraduate students have had the opportunity to present their research at various scientific meetings, as well as publish their findings in journals.

Translational Health Science Internship
Founded by the Department of Human Science in 2007, the six-credit summer Translational Health Science Internship allows students to conduct laboratory and clinical research in Buenos Aires, Argentina. About 160 students have taken part between 2007-2018.

Georgetown University Journal of Health Sciences
The GUJHS is a peer-reviewed health sciences journal dedicated to collecting, editing, and publishing quality research work performed by undergraduate and graduate students. We encourage students to pursue research and express their passion about the health sciences through written media.

Alumni Outcomes

Human science alumni have gone on to attend master’s and doctoral programs for public health, basic science, medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy at universities like Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Wake Forest, and Yale.

Graduates also enter the workforce in areas such as bio-technology research, health communication, and management consulting, joining organizations that include Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, and the National Institutes of Health.

A professor and student work together in the Discovery Center

Bachelor’s Program: Study With Us!

The bachelor’s program is known for undergraduate research opportunities, including discovery, presentation, and publication; exceptional outcomes in terms of career and graduate school placements, as well as fellowships; pre-med and study abroad participation; and excellent faculty mentorship.

Faculty and Research Interests

Dr. Pablo Irusta

Chair and Associate Professor
(Cell Signaling, Respiratory Viruses, Cell Cycle, Aging)

Dr. Allan Angerio

Associate Professor Emeritus 

Dr. Debbie Barrington

Assistant Professor
(Social Epidemiology, Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities, Life Course Determinants of Cardiovascular Health)

Dr. Jan LaRocque

Associate Professor 
(Genetics, Genome Instability, DNA Damage and Repair)

Dr. Daniel Merenstein

(Clinical Trials, Probiotics, Antibiotic Stewardship, HIV Research, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Primary Care Medicine)

Dr. Ted Nelson

Associate Professor 
(Neuroscience, Sensory Systems, Taste Behavior and Genetics, C. elegans)

Prof. Joan Burggraf Riley

Associate Professor
(Health Promotion, Well Being, College Student Development, Curriculum Infusion)

Dr. Blythe Shepard

Dekkers Endowed Chair in Human Science and Assistant Professor
(Kidney, Glucose Handling, Olfactory Receptors, and Diabetes) 

Dr. Rosemary Sokas

(Occupational Health)

Dr. Alex Theos

Associate Professor
(Cell Biology, Lysosome-Related Organelle Biogenesis)

Dr. Jason Tilan

Associate Professor
(Vascular Physiology, Arteriogenesis and Angiogenesis, Tumor Angiogenesis, Stress Physiology)

Ms. Carol Hom

Program Manager