NHS Leaders: 1903 to Now

NHS was founded in 1903 as the Georgetown University Hospital Training School for Nurses by the Sisters of Saint Francis (OSF), an order from Glen Riddle, Pa., who also operated Georgetown University Hospital.

Later in its history, the operation of the hospital and the school was turned over to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN), Ky. The last sister to lead the school was Rita Marie Bergeron, a member of the Order of Saint Benedict (OSB).

Alma S. Woolley, the late dean of the school, provides a list of most of the NHS leaders in her book, Learning, Faith, and Caring: History of the Georgetown University School of Nursing, 1903-2000.

School leadership from 1903-present ** includes:


  • Sister Geraldine, OSF (1903-1908)
  • Sister Rodriquez, OSF (1908-1926)
  • Sister Joanilla, OSF (1926-1929)


  • Sister Mary Euphrasia, OSF (1929-1939)
  • Sister Mechtilda, OSF (1939-1940)
  • Sister Joanilla, OSF (1940-1945)

Director of Nursing Education

  • Anne Marie Murphy (1945-1947)


  • Sister Agnes Miriam, SCN (1947-1952)
  • Sister Mary Vincent, SCN (Acting, 1950)
  • Sister Angela Marie, SCN (1952-1958)
  • Sister Kathleen Mary, SCN (1958-1963)
  • Ann Douglas (1963-1967)
  • Rose McGarrity (Acting, 1967-1968)
  • Sister Rita Marie Bergeron, OSB (1968-1978)
  • Rose McGarrity (Acting, 1978-1980)
  • Elizabeth Hughes (1980-1986)
  • Rose McGarrity (Acting, 1984)
  • Alma Woolley (1986-1992)
  • Elaine Larson (1992-1998)
  • Judith Baigis (Interim, 1998-1999)
  • Bette Jacobs (1999-2010)
  • Julie DeLoia (Interim, 2010-2011)
  • Martin Iguchi (2011-2014)
  • Patricia Cloonan (Interim, 2014-2016; Dean, 2016-Present)

** As Woolley notes in her book, the years of appointment for the early superintendents may not be entirely accurate.