International Health Faculty

The Department of International Health includes faculty members with wide-ranging academic and professional experience in the global health field.

Faculty members advance knowledge through scholarship and teaching, and bring to the classroom a wealth of experience from major international organizations such as the World Bank and the Pan American Health Organization.

In terms of research and scholarship, Department of International Health faculty focus on HIV/AIDS, health and history, maternal and child health, nutrition, international law and public health, neglected tropical diseases, global health, and health care economics.

Department Chair

Bernhard Liese

Our Faculty

Jennifer Huang Bouey
Susan H. Mayer Professor in Health Equity
Associate Professor

Willy De Geyndt
Adjunct Professor

Hazel Denton
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Rebecca Katz
Associate Professor

John May
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Myrtle McCulloch
Assistant Professor

William McGreevey
Associate Professor

Marta Molares de Halberg
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Claire Standley
Assistant Professor

Vincent Turbat
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Myriam Vuckovic
Assistant Professor

Our Staff

Tania Hutchinson
Program Coordinator

Katrina Virta
Internship Coordinator